Safety Tags

The wearable distance reminder alert

Wearable tags

Keeping  social distancing when working onsite, in an office or any other social environment is something that EVERYBODY is going to have to come to terms with as we start the slow ‘back to work’ regime.

For a long time, it will be essential to keep the right distance and avoid close physical gatherings.

We are delighted to introduce to the UK the wearable EGOPro social distancing tags.



  • Counts how many people enter and leave a specific place in real-time.
  • Stop access when maximum number of people inside is reached.
  • Allows company to create internal zones within the workspace where individuals can be specifically counted
  • Ideal for offices, shops, works canteens, toilets etc.


As well as the localised sound, light and vibration alert being activated – a record of the activation can be stored on the device for downloading at the end of every day, if required.

With the premium system an alert can be sent to an administrator by text or email (in real time) to alert of an activation. This would be a key function for isolation requirements if a wearer is tested positive or shows symptoms.

Those who have activated an alarm can be asked to self isolate, rather than isolating an entire workforce.

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