Foot Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser


This hand sanitiser dispenser is foot-pedal operated so there is no hand contact at all, minimising the risk of contamination. It is also 100% mechanical, so there are no battery requirements, meaning it is cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. Built for public areas – such as workplaces and retail areas – our hand sanitiser dispenser is both practical and beautiful. Made from stainless steel it is also strong and durable. Shipping is included in the final price.

Base price of £250 applies for 1-20 units. Discounts of 2%, 6% and 10% available for bulk orders as below. 



Product Dimensions:
Diameter 115mm post, 950mm high. Round base plate 250mm.

Material and Finish:
Stainless steel grade 304, satin polished finish.

Fixing method:
Free standing.
The product can be fixed to ground using M8 ground anchors (not supplied).

Delivery details:

Weight: 6kg
Box dimensions: 950 x 260 x 260mm
Pack includes one assembled post, 2 no. bottles and 2 no. nozzles.

Place hands under nozzle and press the foot pedal to dispense the sanitizer.

Replacing the bottle:

  • Undo fixing bolt of lid with 4mm Allen Key, remove lid of dispenser andbottle as per picture as shown on fig.1 z.
  • Refill bottle and insert it back in place. Alternatively, swap bottle for newone placing the neck plate on new bottle.
  • Slot lid back on dispenser and secure it using allen key, making sure thenozzle sits properly below the lid.


In order to maintain a ‘factory finish’, stainless steel may require an ongoing cleaning regime, the extent and frequency of which depends on the environment in which the product is placed. Wipe down the product with water and detergent, or specialist cleaning agents if deposits are embedded.