A Message from our MD

Lockdown has seen many challenges to many businesses and I myself, have seized the initiative to launch my new website keep2m.co.uk to assist and enable companies to get back to work and move the economy.

However, this poster arrived from my children’s school and it made me stop and think. I hadn’t paused to consider the horrors that were being perpetrated.

I’d been caught up in delivering to the elderly and vulnerable for Tesco, doing some consultancy work in my home office and complaining that work was falling away.

I’d been sitting in my garden having cool drinks in the sunshine and my worst experience had been home-schooling my own kids.

I felt guilty for being so wrapped up in my own world, I was worrying about whether I could generate revenue for my new business.

Then the poster arrived, a poster that truly put things into perspective. Some children during lockdown are being abused and exploited and it has to stop.

So as of today, www.keep2m.co.uk will donate a % of all profits to NSPCC and we will announce these regularly.

If visiting this website today, please download this poster, share it with your colleagues and friends to make people aware and keep ALL children safe.

Thank you, Neil Levett