Contactless Hand Sanitising GEL Station

STOP – GEL – GO : free-standing contactless hand sanitising station.

Traffic-light safety sanitisation

The design is based on the globally adopted traffic light system: Red to Stop, Yellow to Gel and Green to GO. Its eye-catching colour and standing at 1.8 metre height, makes it easy to spot in busy locations and prompt people to clean their hands.

This alongside government guidelines should help limit the spread of viruses, where other alternatives of washing hands are not available or impractical.

Give your customers, staff, clients, and visitors reassurance that your company is looking after their safety and wellbeing.

Can be installed at Endless locations

Gel Station is carefully designed:

Highly visible – with its bright colours, the Gel Station is clearly seen even in populated pedestrianised areas, prompting people to clean their hands.

The height of dispenser – accommodates all users, including adults, children, wheelchair users and elderly.

Dispenser – designed to limit touching any surfaces, can be operated by battery and optional DC power supply, making it adaptable for installation in most locations and environments.

Spillage – drip area to collect any spillages and contained within the unit.

Refill – Gel Station has 1200ml or 5 Litre containers, with a rear lockable door to access the refill dispenser.

Physically and Aesthetically – due to its sleek design it will complement any environment.


GS001   £468.75 + VAT  

GS002   £437.50 + VAT

GS003   £243.75 + VAT

GS004   £156.25 + VAT

Hand Gel, 5l   £43.75 + VAT

Shipping costs vary, please enquire using link above